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Experience the future and the reference in synthetic solutions with our diverse selection of superior textiles, ranging from carpet backing and artificial grass yarn to woven & non-woven geotextiles expertly engineered with unrivalled industry excellence.


A primary backing forms the heart of a tufted carpet and provides strength and stability. Mattex offers the broadest product portfolio of primary backing in the market that are used in broadloom, turf applications, carpet rugs and carpet tiles to name a few.
Our secondary backings stand out for their good adhesion and stylish look. They also provide a better touch to the carpet.
High quality and consistency from roll to roll.


Mattex offers artificial grass Yarns for a variety of different sports and landscape applications. Mattex Yarns are known for their durability and consistency. We have a wide collection of shapes and colors to fulfill your needs.


Harnessing a pioneering manufacturing process, Mattex crafts high tenacity polypropylene fibers, renowned for their superior strength, ideal elongation, and precision crimp. These meticulously engineered fibers promise remarkable processability and peak performance in non-woven applications.
As a global frontrunner in the high-tenacity fiber sector for geotextiles and technical non-woven, Mattex leverages its strategic location at the heart of the world's largest polymer industry. Fibers reach customers worldwide.


Our Geosynthetics are used in separation, drainage, filtration, reinforcement and protection. Mattex has a wide range of non-woven & woven Geotextiles, geogrids, drainage composites, geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), concrete fibres and much more.
Used for civil engineering structures such as stabilizing pavements, landfill construction, shoreline protection, reinforcement of earthen structures, & support in various civil engineering applications.


Mattex designs and manufactures high quality turf solutions both for sport and landscape applications for the Saudi Arabian market. We take pride in being 100% vertically integrated. Use of our turf solutions saves millions of liters of precious water every year. Moreover, turf doesn’t need any fertilizers, pesticides or harm causing chemicals. It’s safe and hygienic for human touch and friendly to the eco-system.

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